Monday, 24 June 2019


Date:  5 March 2018
Audience: Richie McCaw/Fonterra
Purpose: To persuade

  • Reason 1: Recycling
    • Explanation 1: the used catrons
    • become roof tile and books
  • Reason 2: Energy
    • Explanation 2: We drink our milk
    • after lunch and it gives us an energy boost for the
    • end of the day, so we can pay attention better
  • Reason 3: Healthy
    • Explanation 3: Milk has lots of
    • vitamins to help us grow and stay strong

Remember to:
  • Single space words
  • Proper punctuation
  • at least 2 reasons and and explanation for each.

Evelyn: I hope he comes our school.
Olivet: yeah.
Eman: Oh, hey guys!
Olivet, Evelyn: Hey!
Eman: Did you hear about Richie
McCaw Coming to 4 schools in a helicopter with milk?
Evelyn: Yes.
Olivet: We Were just talking about it!
Eman: Oh, thats cool! I was wondering if WE ALL can write
a letter to Richie, and see if he will come to our school.
Evelyn: So, we are going to do it for the WHOLE school?
Olivet: I guess that’s what she means…
Eman: Mmhm!
Olivet, Evelyn: Oh no…

Eman: oh well, we’ll just do it!

Evelyn: dear richie mccaw,
Eman: we would like you to come to our school
with milk because,
Olivet: we enjoy drinking milk,
Evelyn: we can recycle,
Eman: and, milk helps our bones get STRONGER
everyday we come to school and drink after playing in
the boiling sun
Olivet: we would enjoy having you at our school, we hope you

Evelyn: by evelyn
Eman: by Eman
Olivet: umm… don’t forget about Olivet.

Eman: Hope you enjoyed our little skit!